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Starters & Shereable

Charcuterie            for 2 pp. $16, for 4 pp. $30
Selection of meat, cheese, and condiments

Oysters Raw           6 for $18, 12 for $30
Shucked by order, on ice, with lemon, and horseradish

Oysters Baked            6 for $18, 12 for $30
Topped with spinach, cream, crumbs, and herbs

Caprese Salad            $13
Tomato, Fior di latte, pesto, and basil

Beet, Spinach, Goat cheese Salad            $14
Roasted beets, wilted spinach, and goat cheese

*Red Caviar            $22
Brioche toast, cured salmon, premium wild Red Caviar,mascarpone, and dill

Octopus, Potato, and Bean Salad            $18
Grilled Azorean Octopus, and truffle foam

*Seared Foie Gras           $25
Quebec foie gras, toast, port wine reduction, mustard pickled onions, and jam


Margherita            $16
San Marzano, fior di latte, and basil

Funghi Red or White           $19
Mushrooms, fior di latte, and truffle oil

Pepperoni            $13
San Marzano, pepperoni, and fior di latte

Salumi            $17
Genovese, onions, olives, fior di latte, and San Marzano

Carne            $18
Beef salami, mushrooms, brie, fior di latte, and San Marzano

4 Cheese            $18
Fior di latte, brie, blue, and parmesan

Calabrese            $18
Sausage, onions, chilli, San Marzano, and fior di latte

Manzo            $24
Sliced steak, mushrooms, San Marzano, blue cheese, and fior di latte

Sicilian            $17
San Marzano, pesto, eggplant, and fior di latte

Crudo            $20
San Marzano, fior di latte, sliced prosciutto, and spinach


Porcini           $22
Arborio Rice, Wine, Parmesan, Porcini Mushrooms

Bolognese           $20
Arborio Rice, Bolognese Ragu, Parmesan

Lobster            $28
Arborio Rice, Wine, Canadian Lobster


*Waguy Skirt Steak Pomme De Terre Au Poivre           $36
100% grassroots feed, grilled to perfection, roasted potatoes and peppercorn sauce

Oak Wood Plank Roasted Salmon           $28
Citrus Marinated, oven roasted, daily sides

Grilled Lamb Scottadito           $28
Mint & Beets Puree, Caccio & Peppe Pasta


Pomodoro           $15
Stringozzi, oil & garlic, sauce, and basil

Funghi           $19
Fettucine, wild mushrooms, panna, parmesan, and truffle oil

Duck Egg Carbonara           $20
Spaghetti, onions, pepper, parmesan, smoked duck, and torched egg

Della Pianna           $18
Pappardelle, walnut pure, chilli, crumbs, sausage, and chopped tomatoes

Bolognese           $18
Spaghetti, meat ragu, and parmesan

Al Nero           $18
Squid ink noddles, anchiovies, chilli, herbs, garlic, and tomato puree

Genovese           $18
Gnocchi, pesto, potato, parmesan, and bocconcini

Limone           $18
Spaghetti, lemon shavings and juice, and parmesan


Tuesday: All Pizza             $13

Wednesday: Aperol & Campari Spritz            $7

Thursday: Negroni             $7

Friday & Saturday: Vodka & Gin Martin             $7

Date Night: charcuterie for 2, 2 salads, 2 mains, 2 desserts, and 1 bottle of wine             $100

Sunday: All Pasta             $13